2021 Review

I started 2021 believing it could only be better than 2020. On the gaming front there definitely was an improvement with a significant amount of face to face gaming, but life in general continued to be pretty lousy, including 5 months of furlough (ok, being paid not to work isn't too bad), redundancy, wrong step … Continue reading 2021 Review

2019 Review

In preparation for this I was reading my review of 2018 - it showed a very busy game filled year. I'm pretty certain though that 2019 has been even busier, with more games, more cons, meeting more gamers, all great stuff. Once again Roll20 played a massive part in my gaming life, in fact apart … Continue reading 2019 Review

Better Than Any Man: The End and Closing Thoughts

Warning: BTAM serious game ruining spoilers ahead! Caught in a desperate and bloody combat inside the main entrance to Goblin Hill, the Black Dogs are scrapping with half a dozen masked and unarmed cultist Burgerfriedensmiliz who stand between them and the huge iron doors that lead outside and to freedom. The alarm has been raised … Continue reading Better Than Any Man: The End and Closing Thoughts