UK Games Expo 2022: Good to be back!

What a build up, what a sense of excitement, the first proper Expo since 2019! With the two games I was running prepped and ready to run, my checklist fully checked (I do lists for pretty much everything), hotel and parking tickets printed and bags packed I was good to go. Expo offers a lot … Continue reading UK Games Expo 2022: Good to be back!

2021 Review

I started 2021 believing it could only be better than 2020. On the gaming front there definitely was an improvement with a significant amount of face to face gaming, but life in general continued to be pretty lousy, including 5 months of furlough (ok, being paid not to work isn't too bad), redundancy, wrong step … Continue reading 2021 Review

Grogmeat 2021, the meatiest yet

You've heard it all before... "can't wait for this", "more excited than a kid on Christmas eve", "will be brilliant to catch up with people". But this time every sentiment like this carried the hopes of Grognards everywhere. Missing the face to face Grogmeet in 2020, we were desperate for this one, we needed our … Continue reading Grogmeat 2021, the meatiest yet

The Evils of Illmire Session Zero

Spoiler alert: if you plan to play The Evils of Illmire, don't read this! It's been a while since I have written game reports; the last was Better Than Any Man for LotFP which finished in 2018. I've run plenty of games since then, but just not had the inclination to write session reports. This … Continue reading The Evils of Illmire Session Zero