Grogmeat 2021, the meatiest yet

You've heard it all before... "can't wait for this", "more excited than a kid on Christmas eve", "will be brilliant to catch up with people". But this time every sentiment like this carried the hopes of Grognards everywhere. Missing the face to face Grogmeet in 2020, we were desperate for this one, we needed our … Continue reading Grogmeat 2021, the meatiest yet

Owlbear and Wizard’s Staff Con 2021

In the lead up to #OBaWS I was expecting something to go wrong; we'd go into another lockdown or I'd test positive for Covid. It was with true joy and relief that a couple of weekends ago I arrived in Leamington Spa and walked from my digs to meet fellow Grognards at the Royal Pug, … Continue reading Owlbear and Wizard’s Staff Con 2021

The Evils of Illmire: Fearspawn Killers

Spoiler alert: if you plan to play The Evils of Illmire, don’t read this! After defeating the cultists in the Temple of the Luminal star the PCs deal with the villagers in the temple who were infected with mindphage worms, forcibly extracting them when necessary. As before none of the villagers recall recent eventsWorried that Birella and … Continue reading The Evils of Illmire: Fearspawn Killers