The big Tolkien/Moorcock weekender

Starting in 2019 myself and a few gaming mates have had some brilliant The One Ring Roadtrips (converting to a virtual mode during covid), and plans were made for a similar trip this year. It seems our efforts inspired another group of Grognards to plan a Moorcock weekend, and before we knew it our paths … Continue reading The big Tolkien/Moorcock weekender

UK Games Expo 2022: Good to be back!

What a build up, what a sense of excitement, the first proper Expo since 2019! With the two games I was running prepped and ready to run, my checklist fully checked (I do lists for pretty much everything), hotel and parking tickets printed and bags packed I was good to go. Expo offers a lot … Continue reading UK Games Expo 2022: Good to be back!

The One Ring Roadtrip 2022: The Scouring of the Herefordshire

A lot has happened in the three years since the original The One Ring Roadtrip in 2019. It should have been an annual event and we had got as far as booking a cottage for the 2020 event when that bastard Covid hit. It seems strange looking back, but at the time we thought there … Continue reading The One Ring Roadtrip 2022: The Scouring of the Herefordshire

Grogmeat 2021, the meatiest yet

You've heard it all before... "can't wait for this", "more excited than a kid on Christmas eve", "will be brilliant to catch up with people". But this time every sentiment like this carried the hopes of Grognards everywhere. Missing the face to face Grogmeet in 2020, we were desperate for this one, we needed our … Continue reading Grogmeat 2021, the meatiest yet

Owlbear and Wizard’s Staff Con 2021

In the lead up to #OBaWS I was expecting something to go wrong; we'd go into another lockdown or I'd test positive for Covid. It was with true joy and relief that a couple of weekends ago I arrived in Leamington Spa and walked from my digs to meet fellow Grognards at the Royal Pug, … Continue reading Owlbear and Wizard’s Staff Con 2021