When the Grogmaster calls…

Dirk the Dice, master of all things Grognard and anchor stone of the Grognard Files collective kindly asked me to write an item for his blog about my resurgence back into the amazing world of RPG’s.  Chuffed, nay honoured to be asked, I put my metaphorical pen to paper and scribbled down some stuff which you can read on his blog here.

If you don’t already read the Grognard Files blog and listen to the podcast I’d heartily recommend you do.  Right now.

After the cold and dark months of winter

As Grog’s slowly awaken from their long hibernation, it’s not only the fresh air of spring and the promise of summer that offer glorious days ahead, but also a quick scan over the convention calendar.  April is shaping up to be a great month for gaming.  On top of my regular games I’m been looking forward to these events with great enthusiasm (and you should be too).



It’s only two days until we head off to histrionic city of Chester for a glorious 12 hours of gaming in the rather posh Crowne Plaza for DevaCon.  I know there are still tickets left so if you fancy it, get yourself along.  I’m going to be running my Lamentations of the Flame Princess homebrew adventure The Greater Share of Honour, set on the eve of the Battle of Agincourt.  My recent gamer pal Andrew Clark (@DissectingWrlds) is going all out and running three games; La Comedie Francaise for Flashing BladesThe Liverbird has landed for Mercenaries, Spies and Private Eyes and Sabeurs & Savants for The Cthulhu Hack.  The battle_of_agincourt_by_wraithdt-d948orfguy is a machine.

There are loads of other great games on offer including The One Ring, Chivalry and Sorcery, Mistborn, Firefly, Cthulhu by Gaslight and World of Darkness Glorantha.  Full listing here.  Also checkout the DevaCon Facebook page.


Virtual Grogmeet


Last November a bunch crusty old gits bearing the proud title of Grognard descended upon Manchester for Grogmeet 2017.  The gaming was great and I met some fantastic folks.  The organiser of Grogmeet and host of the amazing The Grognard Files podcast, Dirk the Dice (@theGROGNARDfile) has arranged a virtual version taking place 13-14 April as an way for those who were unable to get to Grogmeet to play some games with other followers of the podcast.  Although I’m not playing any games I am running Forgive Us for LotFP, really looking forward to that.

Lunchtime Lairs

Who wouldn’t want to spend one lunchtime a week playing RPG’s?  A friendly city centre game store, a light and easy system, great gamers.  Every Wednesday between 12pm and 2pm starting 18th April at Just Play in Liverpool, we’ll be running short sessions using the Black Hack; alternating GM’s, a pool of characters, each session must be complete, no carry over to the following week.  Fingers crossed we’ll get enough players to make it worthwhile.

Lunchtime Lairs



Really, another RPG Blog?

The world needs another one of those like it needs another clueless leader with their fat finger over a big red button.

But, hey, I’m feeling a bit left out and as I’m fairly opinionated about a few things RPG wise (and with life in general), I thought why not join the fun.

What then can anyone who can be arsed reading this blog expect? A great question, which I’ll answer in a totally non-committal manner, on the grounds that I don’t really know myself.  The blog title may gives a hint of my ‘angle’; I’m a big fan of Old School games, particularly D&D retro-clones (I’m loving Lamentations of the Flame Princess at the moment and am getting into Dungeon Crawl Classics), so there may be some blog pages on those.  I quite like some of the newer light modern games as well (rock on Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells and The Black Hack!).  As for story games, you may want to look elsewhere.

Some of the things I might choose to do:

  • Review RPG stuff, most likely the games I’m interested in. This probably won’t happen too often as I’d only review material I’ve thoroughly read and have taken the time to form some opinions on.
  • Report on game sessions.  Most likely for players in the games I GM rather than to entertain you lot, but if I can make them worth reading I will.
  • Now that I’ve started going to more conventions I may write up some reports on games played, people I have met and other related foolery.
  • I’d like to say analysis, but more like ramblings.  Things I like about games, why I might consider one thing better than another.
  • Tell you about podcasts, other blogs and other websites that I’m excited about.
  • Whatever else I feel like.

That’s it for now.  If you’ve stuck with it this far, thanks for your patience.

And the blog name.  I put a post on Twitter and got loads of suggestions, thanks everyone who joined in, but I’d had this idea of doing something with OSR and had previously come up with Old Scouser Roleplaying. It was a bit longer than I’d have liked, but I liked the ring of it.  To those who know me it will make sense, and to those who don’t it will mostly make sense apart from the Scouser bit, so a Scouser is a person from Liverpool; there are some great definitions on the Urban Dictionary

Until next time, do one la!

A good place to wash your hair, Liverpool – good, soft water.  John Lennon 1971 George Harrison 1977