The big Tolkien/Moorcock weekender

Starting in 2019 myself and a few gaming mates have had some brilliant The One Ring Roadtrips (converting to a virtual mode during covid), and plans were made for a similar trip this year. It seems our efforts inspired another group of Grognards to plan a Moorcock weekend, and before we knew it our paths … Continue reading The big Tolkien/Moorcock weekender

2019 Review

In preparation for this I was reading my review of 2018 - it showed a very busy game filled year. I'm pretty certain though that 2019 has been even busier, with more games, more cons, meeting more gamers, all great stuff. Once again Roll20 played a massive part in my gaming life, in fact apart … Continue reading 2019 Review

Owlbear and Wizards Staff 2019

I measure my progress through the year with family birthdays and gaming events... Convergence marks the start of the con season in early March, then DevaCon in April, UK Games Expo in May and BurritoCon3 in July, then it's the inevitable slow down over summer with folks on holiday and fewer game opportunities. Owlbear and … Continue reading Owlbear and Wizards Staff 2019