Lunchtime Lairs 6: Fire and Murder

After last sessions debacle excitement the adventurers believed they had the poor leprous old lady Olga on the run. Now joined by a hungover Blegrim after his excessive ale binge and after a quick rest and perhaps overlong assessment of the situation they head through the door Olga escaped through, stepping into the Library. A … Continue reading Lunchtime Lairs 6: Fire and Murder

Lunchtime Lairs 5: Eat cheese, live longer

This week we were joined by Sam who played Hector the¬†Hoplite and James rejoined us with a new character, Seneca of the Streets, after Fean the Quick perished a couple of weeks back. We were also missing the strong arm and directness of¬†Blegrim. Now according to Google a Hero is: a person who is admired … Continue reading Lunchtime Lairs 5: Eat cheese, live longer

Lunchtime Lairs 3: Beetle Juiced

A quick recap. Temple, rescue daughter, guards, disease, fights, heads rolled, blood splattered, spell casting priest and a weird, monstrous, psychic, teleporting space beetle. This week the party's Cleric, Romula (Clarky), made an appearance and the slaughter continued, with Blegrin (Alex) leading the way and Faqual the Sorcerer (Dave) adding to the carnage with his … Continue reading Lunchtime Lairs 3: Beetle Juiced