The Evils of Illmire: Fearspawn Killers

Spoiler alert: if you plan to play The Evils of Illmire, don’t read this!

  • After defeating the cultists in the Temple of the Luminal star the PCs deal with the villagers in the temple who were infected with mindphage worms, forcibly extracting them when necessary. As before none of the villagers recall recent events
  • Worried that Birella and Sister Nivendra may escape the party pursue them further into the temple. It only takes a moment to find Birella with a dagger to the priestess’ throat, threatening to kill Nivendra if they won’t let her go free (she implies Nivendra is innocent and the victim of a worm)
Birella before having her brain fried
  • Evalore takes a chance and fires of an arcane spark which is enough to fry Birella’s brain. Nivendra is saved and her earworm removed, perhaps she will be a valuable ally
  • Leaving the temple they find a crowd outside including many of the remaining townsfolk and guards. Lord Crellmont, Sister Nivendra (now herself) and Sergeant Wilfret speak up and struggle to convince them of the truth of the cult
  • A wagon arrives bearing a new cleric, Kivarg the Pious who has been sent by the bishop as no tithes have been received from Illmire for months. Kivarg joins the party while Gravik temporarily retires as a guard to Lord Crellmont
Kivarg, pious but dim
  • The townsfolk are finally convinced of the evil that has beset Illmire and wearily get on with their lives; yet the pall of fear still lingers over the town, centred on the Temple of the Luminal Star. The terror remains in the crypt and must be dealt with… but not right now
  • Having concerns about the Inn of the Weary Wagoner our heroes pay a visit and find Norma there, blankly staring into space. They detect a mindphage worm, but it is deeply hooked into her brain and when they try to extract it, fragments of grey matter and blood leak out. Fortunately Kivarg is on hand to heal the poor woman. Like the others who have had the ear worms removed she is confused and has no memory of the the past few months.
  • A trapdoor to the basement of the inn is discovered leading to a den the cult was operating from. Prisoners are trapped below. They had overheard the cultists discuss their fates, to be taken to the Fearmother in the swamp… but they do not know more. Exploring this place the party find potions, a sword and a ring with protective powers.
  • After resting overnight, there is growing concern over the increased milkiness of Gravik’s eyes. The cause of his affliction can’t be identified and Kivarg uses the power of the God of Light to heal the dwarf, but to no avail.
  • Reluctantly the party decide to tackle the terror in the crypt. The temple, once more under the care of the God of Light is being slowly restored. The crypt is still a grim place, and as the party descend they hear the whisperings of unnatural origin in their heads, instilling a fear. They push on to Rancidius’ room and beyond hear the tearing and rendering of flesh, the sound of something whipping about and a foul sucking and slurping sound. At this point Kristos and Kivarg are overcome with fear and run away from the scene into the safety of the temple above. It takes time and careful application of a potion of remove fear and then a remove fear spell to get the party moving closer to the source of the fear
  • A terrible stench of death assails them, but supressing their worst fears our band push into the room. What horror lurks beyond?
  • Anistor moves into the room, overcoming the urge the throw-up. The dark, stinking room is filled with rotten flesh, body parts from numerous victims, too many to count. In one corner sits a naked figure quaking in the foetal position, covered in filth and gore.
  • Towards the back of the room the flesh is piled and something unseen seems to drag at it. The disturbing slurping, smacking noise is heard more clearly, and our heroes struggle to overcome the voices in their heads – their own voices that whisper of their doom.
  • As they approach the flesh mound the hidden monstrosity attacks! Three hooked tentacles lash out, but only one connects raking at Kivarg. Then with the luck of the gods on the PCs side the creature manages to twist and tangle it’s tentacles and is unable to act the next round (it fumbled and failed it’s feat check)
  • The horror, now visible, growls in frustration but our heroes waste no time in setting to on it. Their blows strike hard and deep, the nightmare is doused in oil and set aflame, then covered in entangling web. Suddenly the Fearspawn did not appear to be so fearful!
  • Defeated, the remains of the creature are set on fire, and the man in the corner is rescued. Severely traumatised he is unable to respond and left in the care of Sister Nivendra.
  • Now the party have a chance to search Rancidius’ chest. Amongst the treasures they find a letter from Virica that tells of Her growing hunger and instructs Rancidius to send word to Malstern (the bandit leader they killed weeks earlier). More sacrifices are needed!
  • The party retire to the Weary Wagoner to recuperate from their ordeal.
  • As they rest a bunch of guards drag a scrawny frogling into town. The small frog-like humanoid was looking for them with a message from Rubi-Groak! Yorivar is missing and a strange cube was left in his room.
  • Evalore takes the cube from the frogling and as he does so its stony surface turns a transparent glowing blue. A eye fills the cube and a deep, ponderous voice flows from it… “We must talk. You undo my work. Come here”… at that point they notice a blue light twinkle in the distance many miles away at the top of the tower to the east.
  • Much discussion ensues… they were planning on dealing with the monster in the basement of the old watchtower, but now it looks like Yorivar needs their help and they have been summoned. They also learnt that cultists were planning to take victims to the Fearmother (whatever that is) in the swamps beyond Redthorn Forest.
  • A decision is made: to head into the as yet unexplored Gecko Fens and see if they can track down the cultists. Then they can worry about the other problems.
  • After resting the party head into the fens the next day. There are dark clouds over the mountains in the distance, but the rains do not spread to the lowlands.
  • Screeches are heard from high above, it looks like falcons are circling them. As the birds move closer it becomes apparent they are much bigger than regular falcons, and as they fold their wings and start to dive, the PCs run for a nearby copse of trees.
  • Kristos and Anistor are mired down in the mud while Evalore and Kivarg make the treeline. The thief is raked by the falcons claws, and Anistor lands a blow with his crossbow before they all make the safety of the trees. These huge falcons are clearly dangerous predators; lets hope our adventurers are not caught out in the open if they return!
  • After resting a while the party decide to spend some time exploring the extent of the fens, and so it is on the third day from Illmire they spot a huge hole in the ground and head towards it… could this be the lair of the cultists? Or something more sinister and dangerous still?

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