Bye bye BurritoCon6

It is with a warm afterglow and a mild sense of relief that BurritoCon6 has been and gone and by all accounts everyone involved had a great time. At over 70 participants it was the biggest BurritoCon yet – the first was a face to face event back in 2018 with about 20 attendees, and while I’m pleased to see more folks attending I wouldn’t want it to get any bigger. But why a sense of relief? I hear you ask… well for the weeks leading up to the close of player registration I was constantly worrying about whether there were enough games on offer for the people who wanted to play (from a list of interested players), and enough players for the GMs who wanted to run games. I was lucky to have a fantastic GMs offering a brilliant range of games, 28 in total, and as it turned out I needn’t have worried as all but one seat was occupied. Trying to ensure everyone was placed at one of their top three games took some working out (all but a handful of players did), and even then I was worrying that players might be unhappy with their allocated games (I’m sure I never used to worry about things so much, I must I get it from my mum..)

If and when there is a future BurritoCon, and whether it is face to face or online (or both) will be decided by circumstance and my own situation at the time, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be going back to using Warhorn. I know it’s not ideal for everyone, but it will definitely make my life easier, I’ll just get the GMs together, put their games on Warhorn then leave players to sign up as and when they can…

Back to the day. I really struggled to pick my games (having a free choice, organiser’s privilege), but in the end went for the DragonQuest adventure Tomb Island with @theGROGNARDfile and Ghosts of Hollyford for Warlock! with @HailOrcusdorkus. Both were fantastic games.

Tomb Island saw us picking up a decade after the events of The Sword and the Sorcerer movie with a mission to recover King Richard’s three bladed sword from Xusia’s tomb. It was dark, it was sorceric, it was pure 80’s straight to video fantasy, ably propped up by DragonQuest. @theGROGNARDfile did a great job in recreating the threat and atmosphere of the original tale. We were lucky to have survived! In Ghosts of Hollyford we were a disparate band of adventurers pulled into a mission with a number of parties with different goals. @HailOrcusdorkus really brought alive the setting, from the introductory scene at Hollyford Inn which had some nice touches and interesting characters through to the finale of the adventure which had a clever, unexpected and (I believe) improvised twist. I loved the atmosphere of this game, it really did capture the feeling of WFRP with a much simpler, more streamlined system.

While I was enjoying these two games other players were being led through a multitude of different settings and adventures by equally skilled and brilliant GMs. Look how much fun they’re having!

In the evening we retired to the Mitchester Arms for a few beers and a catchup. All in all a great way to end a fantastic day.

All that remains is to once again thank GMs and players for taking part in the event and making it a great day of gaming. Now, anyone fancy a burrito…?

5 thoughts on “Bye bye BurritoCon6

  1. Thanks for organising it, I had a great time! Only downside was I couldn’t make the pub afterwards… And having just discovered BurritoCon, I do hope it continues.

    As to a burrito, I had chilli con carne for tea, does that count?

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    1. Thanks Jim, glad you enjoyed it, I certainly did. Folks meet in the Mitchester Arms most Fridays, worth a visit to chat games nonsense.

      I can let the chilli con carne go this time 🙂


  2. Thanks again Neil for all your hard work. It really paid off. I was really pleased with how the players enjoyed the Klingons game, and I had great fun in the afternoon with Dave’s MERP adventure. So many amazing-sounding sessions throughout the day. A really good, community-building event.

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    1. No problem, glad you enjoyed it! Anything Star Trek seems to be work best with players who are fans and I think you had some real trekkies there! MERP is great, we’re just starting an game with Dave as well, looking forward to it.

      I was very lucky to have such amazing GMs come forward, makes it so much easier. Players were great as well, everyone got stuck in to make it a fantastic day.


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