The BurritoCon6 line-up

What a list of fantastic games – I’d love to play in all of them! This list will be updated as new games are added, and once I know which ones are morning or afternoon I’ll add those details in as well. Dates, times and how it’s going to work are here.

Dragon Warriors

  • Dragon Warriors
  • GM: @davepaters

Baron Aldred has been attacked!!! And on your watch!
We have to track him down and bring him to justice.
Using the Dragon Warriors system you will be either a Knight, Barbarian or magic user – but we WILL catch him.

Cogs, Cakes and Swordsticks

  • Cogs, Cakes and Swordsticks
  • GM: @neilburton14

Cogs, Cakes and Swordsticks. Modiphius’s Steampunk game. All the tomfoolery you can handle in the grim covered streets of Steampunk era Liverpool.

One Man’s Trash

  • Cyberpunk Red
  • GM: @joshua19111

Night city, what a place to find all the dreams you wanted in the world, though at the moment you’re knee deep in filth looking for some old tech that’s gonna make you a fortune some day, right? One mans trash HAS to be another’s treasure.

Everyone Comes To Hunfrid’s

  • RuneQuest Glorantha
  • GM: @DuffPaint

Can Captain of the Boldhome City Watch, Claudius Helering, and his crap team of incompetents solve the case of his career?

The Centaur of Ophanos

  • Agon
  • GM: @sjamb7

On the Island of Ophanos, the centaur, Kiklos, torments the population. Arrogant and violent, he has recently become like the great Achilles – impervious to all harm. How did Kiklos acquire this power? Is it the will of the gods or some witchcraft? One thing is certain, his reign of terror and destruction cannot continue. As your ship drifts in from the mists surrounding the island, the population turns to you for help.

Agon is a game of ancient greek myth. A chance to sail with the Argonauts and clash with the Titans!

A Tale from an Ancient Empire…

  • DragonQuest
  • GM: @theGROGNARDfile

Eight years have passed since Cromwell of Aragon usurped the land of Eh-dan. Mikah, son of King Richard’s advisor, is raising a rebellion against the greedy tyrant. He needs agents, true to the cause, to go to the caves of Skull Island where Xusia the Terrible was roused from a thousand year sleep to assist Cromwell in his foul invasion. The agents will escort a crone, a mage from The College of Greater Summonings, who holds the secret to an artefact that will liberate Ehdan. What dangers remain in the caves of Xusia?

An epic adventure in the world of The Sword and the Sorcerer (1982) film using the vintage DragonQuest (2ed) (1982) rules from SPI.

Sir Orfeo

  • Free Kriegsspiel Roleplaying
  • GM: @seanfsmith

Eighteen months ago, the queen vanished from the middle of the entire assembled court. The king believed the queen to have been kidnapped by fairies and sent himself into voluntary exile.

The steward who rules in his stead has gathered you to go into the wilderness to check if the king is yet dead.

CN: Hunting, kidnapping, the fair folk

Recruiting Call

  • TimeWatch (Gumshoe system)
  • GM: @grami_wer

You are agents of TimeWatch, defending the timestream from the depredations of radioactive cockroaches, psychic velociraptors, and human meddlers. Go back in time to help yourself in a fight, thwart your foes by targeting their ancestors, or check out a scroll from the Library of Alexandria. Just watch out for paradoxes that may erase you from existence… or worse.

What you thought was a simple recon mission over Nazi Germany 1942 quickly turns out to be much more, including recruiting one of the greatest TimeWatch agents of all time.

The Flying Dutchman

  • Modiphius Klingon Empire
  • GM: @fechtbuch

It is a myth, a tale warriors tell over a cup of bloodwine – a lost Starfleet ship appearing and vanishing over the centuries. Now it has appeared again, and your crew must stop a terrible disaster – for the shaky alliance between Klingon and Federation is threatened by a vengeful old warrior sworn to destroy the Dutchman…

Iguana Take a Cruise

  • They Came From Beneath the Sea!
  • GM: @karohemd

Join a nerdy marine scientist, a plucky journalist, an old sea dog, a down on his luck fisherman and a famous outdoorsman on the pleasure boat Helios way out in the Atlantic Ocean as they suddenly find themselves way off course and in front of two seemingly abandoned vessels…

Iguana Take a Cruise is an introductory scenario for They Came from Beneath the Sea!, the classic 50s B-Movie RPG. It uses the Storypath system (AEON, Trinity, Scion 2nd ed) with some added cinematic elements. Think hammy acting, wonky sets, badly made models and monsters in rubber suits. And plot holes, lots and lots of plot holes.

No knowledge of the system is necessary, a cheat sheet and pregenerated characters will be provided. I’ll be fast and loose with the rules as having fun is much more important. The emphasis is on recreating the drama and crazy moments of classic films.

We’ll be using roll20 for dice rolls and handouts and for the video call (browser based, don’t worry if you don’t have webcam, voice only is fine).

Blood on Brown Corduroy

  • Liminal
  • GM: @RoderiHamilt

It’s 1974. Bagpuss is on the telly, John Pertwee’s still The Doctor, and the Three Day Week has just kicked in – but you’ve got your own problems. You’re someone who has been touched by the strange in some way, drawn onto the precipice of the Hidden World, and thought your future was out there in the wider world – but the funeral of an important figure from your childhood has drawn you back to South Manchester and reunited you with your old schoolmates. Something seems off about it all though – Maybe the Hidden World was here, back home, all along? It’s up to you and your chums to find out. And you’ve got to do it all while wearing a shirt with massive lapels. Blood on Brown Corduroy is a mystery scenario using the acclaimed Liminal game system. It will be run over Roll20, with Discord as preferred voice/video communication channel (although the latter is up for negotiation). Some action and light horror expected, no Player V Player or adult content.

The Myrdal Horror

  • Mythic Iceland
  • GM: @TristanNarbrog

You are Icelanders in the year 980 AD. The snow and ice are mostly gone and the days are getting longer. You are gathered for a party hosted by the Myrdal chieftain Halldór. There is plenty of good meat at the table, and the ale is flowing freely. The atmosphere is cheerful, with many laughs, ribald jokes, and even some poetry recitation. What could possibly disturb such an occasion?

Irongard, or the Numinous Mnemonic Nightmare of the Nasty Necromancer

  • Troika!
  • GM: @milnermaths

Cursed by a crazed mage (you assume) into forgetting your memories, your rag-tag band must venture into the Stonelands to find the Tomb of Iyarim, Irongard, to try and reverse the spell’s effects – and regain your memories. As you proceed through the lethal dungeon, flashes of your previous lives will cast doubt on your alliance as bold adventurers. Irongard was originally featured in DUNGEON #18, written by Ed Greenwood. Troika! is a weird OSR-adjacent science fantasy RPG that embraces the surreal. The original adventure will be heavily adapted, both before and during play – and expect some flashbacks, loose montage narration, and possibly betrayal as your memories come back to you.

Ghosts of Hollyford

  • Warlock!
  • GM: @HailOrcusdorkus

The Black Cat’s gang is dead now, driven into the wilds to the west of Hollyford by pursuing King’s Wardens, they took shelter in an ancient Golethan ruin. That ruin proved to be the lair of a chimera created by the sorceries of that ancient realm and it fell upon the Black Cat and his band. The Black Cat miraculously escaped, even he doesn’t know how, and now he seeks revenge. Warlock! is a rules-light roleplaying game that aims to emulate the feeling of old-school British tabletop games of wondrous and fantastical adventure. Warlock looks to reproduce the play style of its illustrious predecessors but in a light, quick and simple manner, with a consistent rules set that is easily hackable and adaptable as desired.

No Quarter

  • Mini Six (Streamlined WEG d6 system)
  • GM: @TheTweedmeister

The Rebellion base on the barren desert planet of Pashar is under siege by the Empire. The Imperial forces have an experimental Interdictor-class star destroyer in the system, capable of blocking vessels from going to lightspeed. As far as they’re concerned, nobody can be allowed to escape. But you need to make your escape with something vital – a captured KX series imperial droid, holding vital information. No, it’s not yet been reprogrammed, though you have a contact on an industrial moon who might be able to crack it. Tags: Action, Excitement, Exploding Spaceships, Loose regard for Star Wars canon.

Warriors of the Grim North

  • Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
  • GM: @DominjcRPG

A funnel of the Grim North… All the gangs of the Eastern districts gather in Tumbledown to hear the Prophet speak but when he’s slain by a crossbow bolt from the dark, all hell breaks loose… Now your gang of 0 level misfits are wanted criminals, lost in a sprawling fantasy metropolis, surrounded by over zealous watchmen and hostile gangs. There’s only one thing for it: Get home, or die trying.


  • Beyond Dread Portals
  • GM: @newtus

It was your job to guard the Dread Portal to Erebus, but somehow, someone slipped through on your watch last night. This security breach is bad news. Erebus is a particularly foul world that the Empire of Ys withdrew from after a disastrous colonisation attempt. They kept the portal, closed and under guard by ex-members of the Explorer’s Guild, just in case of emergencies. As as far as you know, there was no emergency last night. Someone is up to mischief. Now the various Noble Houses are up in arms about the breach, fingers are pointing in your direction, and you’ve got the sinking feeling that you are going to end up taking the blame, while whoever snuck through the gate gets away with it. Time to dust off your membership of the Explorers Guild. Which gives you temporary immunity to whatever court action the Nobles bring against you and the right to prove your innocence. It will also give you a pass to go worldly hoping to bring real criminals to justice.

Guard Dogs is an action-packed introductory adventure for up to four characters of third level. Beyond Dread Portals is a F20 game, written by Paul Mitchener, that emphasises exploring a multi-dimensional game world, rather than looting and killing.

Bad Blood

  • Liminal
  • GM: @SavageSpiel

Milton Keynes isn’t exactly known as a hotbed of paranormal activity, so the fact you’ve been asked to look into a case there is pretty strange. But consulting work for P-Division is what’s keeping the lights on at your paranormal detective agency, and tracking down a young man who didn’t make it home from the club last night sounds like easy money. And who knows? Maybe there’s more to Milton Keynes than meets the eye. Liminal is a self-contained tabletop roleplaying game about those on the boundary between the modern day United Kingdom and the Hidden World- the world of secret societies of magicians, a police division investigating Fortean crimes, fae courts, werewolf gangs, and haunted places where the walls between worlds are thin. Includes themes of coercion and terminal illness.

Hope’s Last Day

  • GM: @cyrodilicbrandy

Life on a ‘shake and bake’ colony like Hadley’s Hope is dull, bland, monotonous. You spend your days following company orders, drinking gritty water and smoking cheap cigarettes. No one said this life would be easy, but then those people never knew what was about to hit Hadley’s Hope. Now, there are things lurking in the shadows of every room – things strange and different and deadly. Things ALIEN.

Endless Light

  • Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition
  • GM: @LPCarnell

On the craggy island of Midland Skerry stands a Lighthouse, ensuring the safe passage of ships and sailors that ply this treacherous coast. But as the waves crash and a storm brews, something dark stirs beneath the island…

Those Moustachioed Men & a Sqwarking Gwarking Fiend

  • Flashing Blades
  • GM: @Dissectingwrlds

1628 Christmas is coming and the goose is getting fat. However the King and the Cardinal don’t want goose for a Christmas feast they want a new exotic American bird. Unfortunately the only available one in Europe is in the Tower of London for Charles I’s Christmas tea. Having a wager the King & Cardinal send rival teams of musketeers & cardinals guards to grab the fowl and race back to Paris for a festive feast. Allons y!

Red Roots of the Rose

  • The Cthulhu Hack
  • GM: @whodo_voodoo

You’d been sent to conclude the investigation into an American heiress, who had absconded from the US on a transatlantic liner destined for Liverpool. It should have been a simple case, until the ship washed up on the beach, seemingly abandoned by crew and passengers alike. A 1920s Cthulhu Hack scenario of murder and horticulture for 3-5 players.

Vineyards of Ithilien

  • Middle-Earth Role playing
  • GM: @davepaters

We journey to the very gates of Mordor to find the mystery behind the complete lack of wines from fair Ithilien. Surely the minions of Mordor have been defeated? Surely?

The Last Log

  • The Cthulhu Hack
  • GM: Andrew Carey

A surveying mission to the remote Myers453, led by Professor Dyer and a team of xeno-geologists, has been out of contact beyond its planned communication cycle, and has been unresponsive to automated jump drones. The Resupply vessel TTS Pelgrane, with it’s long-range of Jump-3, has been deemed the best available ship, to provide medical and security assistance. Successful conclusion to the mission, as determined by Legal, will unlock bonuses for all participants.


  • HeroQuest Glorantha (QuestWorlds)
  • GM: @ian_h_cooper

Strawhelm and his band of outlaws have gone too far, someone needs to bring them to justice. The boy says he knows where they hide in Prax, Queen Ivartha wants you to bring Strawhelm back, dead or alive. A Western inspired Sartarite adventure.

An Ambassador of Mars

  • John Carter of Mars
  • GM: @druggeddwarf

Dejah has received word from Joldat, a moving city located in the north, that a war has been declared on Helium. The cause – lack of resources (namely food – and this strange thing called Boreitos?), power struggles of its nobility, and the death of Magnius Rue, the former ruler of Joldat, by the hands of ‘helium spies’. Regardless of the threats, Dejah will not see bloodshed brought upon her people without a fight. Which is why she will send herself, along with her trusted companions, to see the new ruler of Joldat, and negotiate peace – come what may. Who knows what daring adventures await her and her friends. Who can predict the future of both cities? And what dangers await beneath, in the place known as, the Blood Pits?

Dead End

  • Dead of Night
  • GM: Fryador Elkirk (on Facebook)

It is summer 1986. The Mount St. Mary College in Los Angeles has finally closed and the holidays have begun. Tom and his friends, Alice, Amy, Mike and Trevor have decided to begin their free time with a road trip. Tom’s DeLorean, good music and lots of beer guarantee a great time. The friends stayed last night in Bakersfield and today they want to follow the State Highway 178 into the Death Valley National Park. Everyone uses the 190 to cross the desert, but only a few know the 178. No one in Tom’s car wants the boring road…

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