BurritoCon4 is go!

Following hot on the heels of BurritoCon3 is the new kid on the block, BurritoCon4.

If you seethed with envy at missing BurritoCon3, now is your chance to make others jealous. Come and join us for a friendly mini-con with top games to play and the most wonderful gamers on this earth. With four tables and 8 games on offer there’s going to be something to tickle your RPG fancy.

Saturday 19th October, from 10am – 5.30pm at the UK’s best game store, Fanboy 3, Manchester.

It’s £3 per player per game (so £6 for the day) payable to Fanboy 3 on the day. GM’s get £1 store credit for each player at their table.

If you’re interested in coming along get in touch on Twitter @OldScouserRPing

The Games

Reliquary Of The Ancient Ones

Mutant Crawl Classics (GM: @M0RT75)

When a terraquake reveals that your jungle village has existed for centuries atop an installation of the Ancient Ones, your good fortune seems to good to be true. Surely enough artifacts and ancient lore exist to satisfy desires for power both subtle and gross.

But your tribe’s Seeker teams are all out on missions, so it falls to you and your youngling friends to volunteer for an exploration of the hidden treasures and knowledge that lie in the reliquary beneath your feet.

Some of you will even make it back. Probably.

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Mongoose Traveller 2Ed (GM: @Simplikissimus)

The invasion of Aurora by the alien Kafers, has thrown the French Arm into turmoil. Refugees are flooding ‘down the line’ fleeing the slaughter. Whilst Interstellar Governments mobilise, a plucky trader crew are doing their bit ferrying families to the temporary safety of a commercial outpost. But will Port L’Enfer offer a sanctuary for all? And with a million Francs of salvage in the mix, will the crew of the Zuckerzeit have to choose between money and morals?

Talentless Hacks

Demon Hunters A Comedy of Terrors (GM: @whodo_voodoo)

People go missing in Hollywood all the time, it’s a big place and actors don’t tend to announce when they’ve decided to give up the dream and head back home. So when a 3rd rate mystic was apparently possessed by the soul of a missing actor live on daytime TV the Brotherhood took notice. Well the Cipher collective did, they’re hooked on that crap.

Your mission is simple – track down the mystic. We need to know if they’re just a run of the mill fraud or whether the ghost was telling the truth about another bunch of talentless hacks summoning a demon in return for success. If it’s the latter deal with it as well, just make sure you keep it off camera.

Mall of The Fountain Thing

Umerican Survival Guide (GM: @doc_griffiths)

Mall of the Fountain Thing is a 0-level funnel adventure for use with the gonzo post-apocalyptic setting Umerica. Every eleven years like clockwork the youth of the Rad-Zone are rounded up by fearsome and inhuman raiders and taken “elsewhere” for some unknown and nefarious reason. The time is approaching and you play a bunch of callow teens. It is the morning after the massive party your village threw in your honour by the light of The Broken Moon, your parents are tearful and holding you close, and from the dustbowl you can hear nerve-jangling chittering and claw clacking….

No Room for a Wallflower

Lancer (GM: @joshua19111)

You are Lancer mech pilots, best of the best when it comes to getting the jobs done normal mercenaries can’t. This job should be a milk run, go down and investigate the colony of Evergreen and find out what is causing it enough trouble to hire us for a large amount of credits – what could possibly go wrong on a job this simple. You know the drill suit up, get rid of the problem, and come back to a 4 figure paycheck. See you on the other side pilots.

Sting of the Scorpion Men

13th Age Glorantha (GM: @milnermaths)

An unprovoked attack on an isolated village tells you what your shaman already knew – the poisoned earth around Larnste’s Footprint is rising up. You will have to travel through the Fossil Wood and evade the Chaos Beasts therein to steal the one thing Gagix Two-Barb and her Scorpion Men don’t want you to have – her Sting.

13G mixes the narrative d20-ness of 13th Age with Greg Stafford’s mythic world of Glorantha. This adventure is for 4th level characters – pregens provided. Ducks! Baboons! Scorpion Men! Bison Riders!

Blasphemy and Larceny in Lankhmar

Dungeon Crawl Classics (GM: @M0RT75)

A member of your gang awakens in an alleyway with foggy memories of a deal made, a job taken, a partner slain, and a heist planned. They struggle to remember the details, but you all agree that breaking into an abandoned temple should be a simple matter – in and out. Yet the heist is on a collision course with something sinister.

What begins as an easy job becomes anything but, as you confront cultists, vengeful spirits, and the servitors of a long-forgotten god. While seeking an easy score, you uncover a plan to strike a blow into the heart of Lankhmar, and no one is safe from the blasphemous plot. A choice needs to be made. Will you stand with the city, or risk letting it descend into chaos?

Curse the gods of Lankhmar for their cruel joke that, in the shadowed alleyways of Lankhmar, there is no such thing as a “simple matter.”

A Goblin Quest

Goblin Quest (GM: Joy)

Goblin Quest – the game of fatal incompetence – a comedy one-shot romp where each player controls five goblins (in sequence, not in parallel) who attempt to achieve a basic task. But, goblins being as unlucky and stupid as they are, even simple actions have a chance to immediately, violently, permanently wrong.

You are a goblin, you have a week to live and are going to make your mark. You are going to undertake…. A GOBLIN QUEST

Circuitous Contrivance of the Ant-Seed

The Black Hack 2e (GM: @d_percentile)

Help me make sense of this entirely procedurally generated scenario! The title and key features were created from random tables in Matt Finch’s Tome of Adventure Design, as heard on dpercentile podcast episode 50! Mapping and locations will be looked after by Goblin’s Henchman’s innovative ‘labyrinth move’ hexflower chart.

Accompany a heretic priest into the dreaded Reaction Caverns in search of a fabled girdle of great power.

We’ll be playing the rules-lite indie osr system The Black Hack 2e right out of the box, so that the mechanics will quickly get out of the way to let the exploration happen. You can expect frequent and quick combats, high lethality, and mercifully quick character creation.

Who Watches the Watch Fires?

Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells (GM: @OldScouserRPing)

The watch fires of Rath’ator warn against invaders, because Rath’ator’s small army relies on the surrounding badlands to defend the city and its sparse farmland. Any attackers must cross treacherous hills and travel a road rife with blind gullies and steep canyons. Even a modest force can bleed aggressors white long before they reach the city gates – but only with enough warning.

A line of watch fires stands along the southern road to Gaxor Keep and the Sticks of Xoth’Gor. At the first sign of an invasion, the guards light the fires, the city locks its gates, and the banners of Rath’ator ride out to thwart the invading army.

But now, the watchfire keep has been taken by treachery, and you discover the betrayal by chance. Can you retake it in time and light the watch fires?

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