Lunchtime Lairs

You know when you just can’t get enough gaming in?  So many ideas bouncing around, just itching to roll up some characters and get playing.  Andrew Clark and I had the same thought and concocted a devilish solution – lunchtime RPG sessions in Liverpool city centre.  We brainstormed the format and batted it backwards and forwards narrowing our ideas down to this finely tuned formula:

  • A 12-2 slot, one hour just wasn’t enough. We know not everyone can take a two lunch break, but hopefully enough people can.
  • A generic fantasy setting.  All adventures would start and end in a port city which will be fleshed out by players and GM’s as we go along.
  • The system had to be simple, easy to pickup and fast in play. We settled on The Black Hack because not only does it meet those criteria, but it has lots of variants for other genres.
  • GM responsibilities should not just come down to me and Andrew. Anyone can take a pop. For that to work adventures must be short so anyone can take on the GM role the following week.

Then we just needed a venue. Just Play were very accommodating with free gaming tables; their new store is ideal with plenty of space and a small cafe. A date was set, 18th April, plans were made and fingers were crossed.  This is what happened…

Lunchtime Lairs Session 1

Lunchtime Lairs 2: Hack, slash, kill!

Lunchtime Lairs 3: Beetle Juiced

Lunchtime Lairs 4: Underground Inferno

Lunchtime Lairs 5: Eat cheese, live longer

Lunchtime Lairs 6: Fire and Murder

Lunchtime Lairs 6b: The Billy Goats Gruff

Lunchtime Lairs 7: Trolls Tremors Massacre and Men in Black

Lunchtime Lairs 8a: Dead Gretch caverns

Lunchtime Lairs 8b: A Disembodied Brain and a Part Dissected Dragon

Lunchtime Lairs 9a: The Death of Blegrim

Lunchtime Lairs 9a: If herrings be adventure put a penguin in my backpack

Lunchtime Lairs 10ab: Out of the frying pan into the slave pit

Lunchtime Lairs 11: Death and Taxes

Lunchtime Lairs 12: Lucky there’s a family of Guys

Lunchtime Lairs 14c: The Destination Stage, whip crackaway! Whip crackaway! Whip crackaway!

Lunchtime Lairs 16c: Merry Old Soul? Or How Two Warriors Learnt to Speak Softly to Avoid the Big Stick

Lunchtime Lairs 17d: an aside accountant anarchist assassins

Lunchtime Lairs 18d: an aside Agent of I.G.O.R.