The Evils of Illmire: Gedoka the hell out of here!

Spoiler alert: if you plan to play The Evils of Illmire, don’t read this!

  • Deep in the Buried Bastion beneath the Gecko Lair our heroes face six armed skeletal figures that move to attack when they step down into the room. A short combat later broken bones and shattered skulls lay on the floor and the party are able to search the room.
    • Kristos discovers a talisman carved with a Gecko mounted in a frame
    • Kivarg snatches the magical weapons and armour the skeletons were using
    • Evalore examines the 10 bronze masks arrayed around the walls, each bearing a different expression
    • Anistor explores the cell off the room and discovers the dried and twisted remains of a humanoid figure
  • Curious about the figure in the cell, the gate is opened. A ghostly figure appears and attacks the party, but luckily they are able to fight it off with their magical weapons. The body clasps an old scroll with handwritten directions to Barfrain’s treasure horde and a curse on those who claim the treasure.
  • It looks like this is the end of the dungeon. There are two rooms as yet unexplored, one with two bulging doors the party suspects is flooded and another with 8 large sealed clay vases. Tempted by their Evil GM, Evalore opens a vase (for some reason the magic-user is overcome with a sense of a sudden devil may care attitude) releasing a cloud of gas which leaves everyone choking and gasping for breath, and a deadly swarm of undead scorpions (save vs poison or die anyone?) which they deftly avoid and shut the door on.
  • Agreeing that they are done with this place, all the party need to do is climb back out of the shaft and past the giant geckos. Not a problem, easy as pie, right?
Gedoka! Mother of all giant geckos
  • Kristos swiftly climbs the rope to the ledge at the top of the shaft, followed by the not so stealthy Evalore who draws the attention of angry giant geckos. Suspecting the Gecko Talisman may have an affect on the giant lizards, the thief uses it to scare away those snoozing outside their lair, but it has no effect on the giant gecko’s within who swarm on Evalore.
  • Battle ensues in which we see Anistor quickly climb the rope to join battle with the lizards, and Evalore’s sleep spell sending one of them crashing down the shaft, rising the ire of the mother of all giant gecko’s, Gedoka!
  • Kivarg is trapped at the bottom of the shaft and retreats back into the bastion, pursued by a gecko, at least Gedoka can’t follow him down the narrower passageway.
  • Gedoka ascends the shaft, ready for a tasty meal (with the right dice roll she can swallow an adventurer whole!). The scrap at the top is getting desperate, but fortunately our heroes are able to batter down the monster, and her head well and truly caved in, Gedoka plummets back into the shaft.
  • The party can now flee the Gecko Lair and continue their pursuit of the evil cult…

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