The Evils of Illmire: Saving Illmire

Spoiler alert: if you plan to play The Evils of Illmire, don’t read this!

Bullet points are great, right! I’m going to try this format rather than my usual more wordy style. We pick up with our heroes heading back to Illmire, deciding their next job is to kick the cult out of town once and for all!

Capt Frey and the Unnamed Assassin conspire
  • Having dealt with one band of cultists and learnt about the ear worms (which the cultists call “Mindphage worms”), the party continue their journey to Illmire with a plan to extract the worms from Lord Crellmont and Capt Frey, both of whom they believe have been infected with the parasites.
  • With a vantage point above town, a greater number of watch and cultists guard and patrol around Illmire. The raid on the Temple of the Luminal Star and decapitation of the cult leader in Illmire has had an effect. Captain Frey is spotted talking and to the unnamed Assassin, a worrying development and there is no sign of Lord Crellmont.
  • After darkness falls our heroes sneak around the palisade and scale it near the back of Lord Crellmont’s mansion, conscious of patrolling guards.
  • The back door to the Mayor’s mansion is locked, but Evalore casts the Portal spell to unlock it and the party slip in.
  • Within there is no sign of Piedlund, Lord Crellmont’s servant. The mayor is found in the great hall robotically eating a meal, seemingly getting no enjoyment from his meal. He fails to spot the intruders.
  • The mage casts sleep on Lord Crellmont. It is no surprise to find a mindphage worm in his ear canal, a larger one than previously seen. Kristos cuts it head off and puts it in a jar, wanting to use it as evidence if Crellmont is reluctant to accept what has happened.
  • Lord Crellmont is awoken and confused, his last memory is of Father Rand (Rancidius) and Capt Frey coming for him with the worm. He tells them Piedlund was killed trying to protect his master and the servants bloodied body is found in the cellar. Incensed, Lord Crellment is determined to help the party take back Illmire.
  • A plan is formulated – try to lure Captain Frey to Lord Crellmont’s mansion and extract his ear worm. They rest overnight, knowing it is unlikely they will be disturbed.
  • The following morning, the party look out across Illmire. A group of cultists are going door to door in the village; the whole place still seems to be on high alert. The young miller and his wife are packing up a wagon to leave town, but when the cultists see them, they are dragged to the temple.
  • At the same time Captain Frey and his goons stride over to Lord Crellmont’s place, maybe they want him involved in whatever is going on at the temple
  • The party take the opportunity to deal with Frey, hoping to surprise him by hiding in shadows and behind doors and curtains. Evalore’s sleep spell puts his thugs to sleep, but the captain resists and ultimately is cut down as he tries to flee upstairs. Fortunately his shouting didn’t raised an alarm. It turns out Capt Frey didn’t have a mindphage worm implanted; according to Lord Crellmont the cult only use mindphage worms on those who will not join the cult.
  • Realising something bad is going to happen to the miller and his wife in the temple a further plan is rapidly formed. The band have enough uniforms to pass off as guards, if they head over to the temple with Lord Crellmont they be able to get inside and rescue the hapless couple… but they have no idea what awaits beyond.

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