The Evils of Illmire: The Webbed Hollows

Spoiler alert: if you plan to play The Evils of Illmire, don’t read this!

Surrounded by 5 giant wolf spiders the Anistor the Fighter and Gravik the Dwarf weigh up the odds, while Kristos the Thief looks for shadows to hide in and opportunities to backstab. But first to act is Evalore the Magic-User, who with a quietly chanted song (reminiscent of a lullaby) and deft hand movements calls on arcane forces to send the angry arachnids off to sleep and put the threat to bed. A brief discussion follows on whether or not to slaughter the slumbering spiders, but the wisest path is followed and the inactive arthropods are skewered.

Moving deeper into the Webbed Hollows our heroes stumble upon the strangest of scenes, a cavernous space (judging by the echoes of skittering and the crunching of their boots on the millions of bugs that crawl under their feet) with huge bulbous silken sacks hanging from the ceiling. At the edge of their vision they can see giant spiders busily weaving their threads, but little else. Kristos moves closer to get a better look and sees a further cavern to one side, illuminated by whispy rays of daylight and populated with mosses and plants; flying bat like creatures with dangerously pointed snouts swoop and climb, hunted by large humanoid arachnid hybrids.

Nightmare fuel

Risking a further stealth roll, the thief moves to the edge of the party’s torchlight and spots more of the large humanoid creatures in the darkness. About to return to the group with this intel, Kristos notices an opening high up in the wall with a feint glow of light beyond, and recalling the advice of Rubi-groak to “look high and low” for Yorivar the Druid perhaps unwisely determines to investigate. Just as he reaches the cavern wall beneath the opening his attention is drawn to the agitated clicking sound of the hybrids who rushing towards him (failing a stealth roll at the wrong time sucks). Combat follows with Kristos getting quite seriously battered, but fortunately his companions Anistor, Gravik and Evalore are there to back him up, and while the thief scales the wall to reach the opening, they deal with the monsters.

At last the party meet Yorivar the Druid

Yorivar is discovered looking down on the fight and in no time the party are all in his bug free chamber. There is a bit of an info dump; Yorivar fled Illmire when the priest Father Rand had arrived with his thugs and went to work swaying the minds of the villagers. People were falling sick and he knew this was no coincidence. The Druid had hidden in this place to avoid an assassin the cult had sent after him, a woman with long dark hair and he won’t return to Illmire until she has been dealt with. The party also discover a couple of interesting items; a silver pendant in the form of a spider and a cloak of smooth spider silk.

With that they are able to lead Yorivar out of the Webbed Hollows and on to Gribblet Village where he is warmly greeted by Rubi-groak. The party then start to formulate their plans to deal with the problem in Illmire…

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