The Evils of Illmire: Spider Woods

Spoiler alert: if you plan to play The Evils of Illmire, don’t read this!

Now fully recovered from their travails in the Pearlescent Grottoes the party leave the Frogling tree settlement Gribblet Village, heading toward the Spider Woods to find the druid Yorivar who they believe can help them against the cult in Illmire. Rubi Groak‘s warning rings in their ears… the Spider Woods are dangerous and Yorivar will be well hidden; look for the ridge and beware The Widow!

If nothing else the adventurers learn that the Spider Woods are large, dark and difficult to navigate and spend two days and nights trying to find the ridge amongst the web covered trees. Passing near ancient crypts on their first day skeletons slowly stumble towards them, animated by some unknown force, but clever deployment of Rigdorf‘s axe (now wielded by Anistor as a reward for dealing with the Fishmen) sees two trees cut down in a single chop and collapsed on top of the fleshless terrors… the final one is easily dispatched. As they camp overnight a swarm of giant dragonflies approaches, curious more than anything, and Evalore‘s plan to feed them pays dividends as they drift off into the predawn light.

The following day the party have no luck finding the ridge, and settle down to camp for a further night in the dark woods. A giant form looms over Anistor on his watch; he spots the beast and tries to wake the others who slowly come to their senses. Luckily the terror who they now suspect to be The Widow is unable to snare the fighter in her web, and after taking a wound flees into the night, leaving a trail that is easily followed to the ridge the next day.

With caution the party face the darkness and stench of the ridge, millions upon millions of bugs of different sizes covering the ground and filling the air. As they move deeper into the ridge a cluster of giant wolf spiders surround them. Rubi Groak‘s warning was founded in truth, this place truly is dangerous…

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