BurritoCon5 Went Virtual

My motive for organising BurritoCon5 was purely selfish – I’d be guaranteed to get a couple of amazing games (not that I don’t have amazing games other times, pretty much every game I play is fantastic). But even with that it was great to see gamers tweeting about the brilliant games they were playing, checking out the photos and screenshots they were posting. Honestly, I would have happily played every game that was on offer, there were some truly talented GM’s and cracking games to play. I’ve nicked a load of photos others posted on Twitter for this…


Being the organiser I was able to take my pick of games to play, so I went for Over the Hills and Far Away for Romance of the Perilous Land with @TheTweedmeister as GM for the morning session. When I saw the title Over the Hills and Far Away, I was imagining a game with a hermetic but mostly affable ogre and an annoying donkey, but this was nothing like that with a princess to be rescued and…. oh. Anyway, it was brilliant and way better than Shrek.

Other games (shown below) include Darker Trails, Soulbound, Paranoia, Tales from the Loop, Mork Borg, The Black Hack (Armoured Bunnies style) and Hawkmoon.


I’d dabbled with Shadow of the Demon Lord a while back and was keen to try Punkapocalyptic which uses the same system and is just as off it’s head. @HailOrcusdorkus ran a fantastic game with a good few bits of of scatalogical humour (how many games can you say that about) and sufficient pile of body horror and a crazy tale involving backwater psychos and another rescue. The highlight for me was @Son_of_Albion‘s preacher Roach and his evangelising of the blessed Madonna thus triggering a series of cringeworthy 80’s hit song references…

Other games (shown below) include D&D 5e, WFRP 4e, Mythras, Gamma World, and Dungeon Crawl Classics.

I did let the side down a little as well. For some the Burrito theme was all and there were also photos of finely crafted Burritos, but my lunch that day consisted of a tasty cheese sarny and a bag of crisps (with homemade coleslaw, yummy).

The evening was wrapped up with a visit to the Mitchester Arms, courtesy of landlord @TheTweedmeister, but I only made a flying visit as I was pretty knackered by that point. I believe the party went on until late for some…

I don’t know if there will be another BurritoCon this year as there are a couple of great other offerings with Owlbear and Wizards Staff and Grogmeet going virtual, so we’ll see.

Finally a massive thanks to the amazing GMs who put forward such fantastic games, for the great players who showed such enthusiasm and signed up to play and to Fanboy Three for supporting the event and providing a discount code for attendees.

6 thoughts on “BurritoCon5 Went Virtual

  1. I played in the “bunnies and blitzkrieg” game, i did write up a play report but later found out it’s being run at Owlbear & Wizards Staff, so to avoid suppliers took it down.

    I had a great day, thanks!


      1. Autocorrect, eh? The other day talking bobbins about the underdark and it’s changing it to underarm.


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