BurritoCon5 Goes Virtual Update

There has been some confusion about signups, mostly caused by myself, so this post should clear things up.

I’m keeping a master list of everyone who has said they want to attend, either as a player or GM – it’s on a Google Sheet with lots of little ticks in different columns. In the past I’ve shared this with the BurritoCon group on Twitter, but decided not to do that this time. Anyway, you’ll be on that list if you asked to join it and I confirmed that I added you to it, and for those on Twitter added you to the BurritoCon group (note that being in the BurritoCon group is for chat only, any important announcements will be on here and on Twitter so feel free to leave the group, it won’t affect attendance at the event).

I have to say, everything has come together much quicker than I expected… a week in since announcing the event and we’re pretty much full with just a few player spaces left. A huge thanks to all the GMs who have offered games and all the players who have joined the BurritoCon5 list!

What to expect leading up to the event:

Game Masters

Once I have the all games set up in Warhorn I’ll send out an email and you’ll be able to register for the event there. You’ll be able to check your game specs and let me know if you want to change anything. You’ll also be able to pick your games ahead of the players.

As players sign up for games I’ll send out their email addresses to you so you can contact them to make arrangements for the session, including the tech you will be using for VTT, comms and any preparation. Of course you’re free to use whatever tech you prefer – it may be that you just use Discord, Meet or Hangouts with any VTT, it’s entirely up to you.

If you’re new to using Roll20 and want to use that I’d be happy to run a session in advance of the event on some of the basics, just let me know.


After the GM’s have picked their games I’ll open Warhorn signups to everyone else. I’m afraid it’ll be on a first come first served basis, but I hope you all get the games you want. All registrations on Warhorn will be approved, I’ll try to do them as quickly as I can.

Sign-ups will open at mid-day on Saturday 4th July. If you don’t already have a Warhorn.net account I’d suggest creating one in advance.

You will be contacted by your GM via email with details of how the game will be run (for example, will it use Roll20, Fantasy Grounds, Astral, Discord, Hangouts, Meet, Zoom etc) and any preparation in advance of the game.

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