Saturday 27th July, 10am-5pm, Fanboy 3, Manchester

Wasn’t sure that it was going to happen, but the happy circumstance that lead me to organising the first BurritoCon last year has happened again (my daughter wants a lift to Manchester ComicCon with her mates and I’m on taxi duty; rather that driving to Manchester and back to Liverpool twice I thought it’d be nice to get some gaming in).

As at previous events it’ll be held at the fantastic Fanboy 3. I really love that store, they have a great attitude towards small events like this and also have a load of great gaming stuff to tempt you while there. If only they’d relocate to Liverpool…

The event be held on 27th July and will run from 10am to 5pm with two three hour slots (10-1 and 2-5), maximum 6 players plus a GM per table. That’s space for 21 to attend, and I already have quite a few names on the list. The only cost is the regular £3 per game for players to Fanboy 3, GM’s get £1 store credit for each player in their game (at least it was last year, I’ll double check with them). The store is only 5-10 minutes walk from Picadilly station and there are loads of food options nearby (including but not limited to Burrito’s).

Games on offer:

Morning (10am – 1pm)

  • Table 1: Marvel FASERIP: Escape from New York, GM: @ConvergenceUK1
  • Table 2:
    • System: The Code of Steam and Steel
    • Title: The case of the missing Prince Albert – a Detective Inspector Rabbit mystery
    • Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s IronClad, the Prince Albert, is missing. Last evening she was tied up at London Dock’s. This morning she was gone! Disappeared into thin air. Time for Detective Inspectors Rabbit, Mabel Wisbech, Strauss and (3) other characters from the recent TV series to investigate.
    • Tags: Turn of the century, Victoriana, Gritty East End Police Procedural Romp, Dockyard language.

Afternoon (2pm – 5pm)

I’ll post more details about the games on offer as they come in, if you fancy getting along contact me on Twitter @OldScouserRPing or in a reply to this post.

5 thoughts on “BurritoCon3

  1. Hello
    I’m looking to get back into RPGs after a 25 year gap, and was wondering if your Burrito con would be a good starting point for me to pick the dice again. I used to play in up til my mid twenties and kind of drifted out of the hobby, we used to play Coc, Middle Earth, Gamma world and Runquest. I’m interested in any game at the moment although the Marvel game in the morning looks good.
    Let know know what you think, I’m practically a beginner so may not be what you are looking for.


    1. Hi Jon,

      That was me 3 years ago – a 20+ year break from RPG’s doing the family thing (and to be fair I’d lost the bug). Second time around the obsession is much stronger!

      I would say BurritoCon would be a great event for you to rediscover RPG’s. I know most of the attendees and they’re a real friendly bunch, plus the 2 x 3 hour format isn’t overdoing it. From my point of view it would be great if you could come along.

      The spaces are limited, but I’d be happy to reserve you a seat. Are you on Twitter? I tend to do most of the organisation for it on there… if you are I’m @OldScouserRPing




      1. Hi Neil
        I am on Twitter jonac943, I’ll send you a DM, but yep if there’s a space count me in please


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