Better Than Any Man: From Monster Hunter to Gong Farmer

Warning: BTAM spoilers ahead!

Having entered the hidden entrance into Goblin Hill the Black Dogs find themselves surrounded by swarms of insects; they get everywhere – in their boots and clothes. Essential lamps and torches attract only more. Knowing they are in a large cavern, but with visibility severely limited the group deliberate on their options while looking over the map taken from Gunther Mohl, the bandit leader and their enforced scout. To their left they see a the cavern floor is covered in mold, while just darkness and crawling emptiness fill the rest of the space. They do not even consider blundering straight ahead into the vastness of the cavern.

maxresdefaultWhile dithering a loud buzzing is heard over the background rustling sounds of insects crawling over insects and before they can locate it, a huge horsefly attacks, no doubt drawn by their light and the prospect of a tasty meal! Despite some of the party being surprised they are able to fight the horrid creature and quickly kill it. Gunther’s loyalty is tested and fails and he takes the chance to flee Goblin Hill while the Black Dogs are distracted.

Realising that time is of the essence in this vile place the adventurers decide to skirt the cavern walls to their right, counting off the passageways as per their map. One of the passageways they pass is wet and glistening and perhaps sensibly ignored. Flickering lights can be seen from another side passage, again bypassed; what treasures and glory can be found along these corridors so readily ignored – I guess we’ll never know. Eventually the party come to the passage that they believe will lead them into the lair of the Burgerfriedensmiliz and the Insect God cult…

Unpleasant smells are a part of 17th Century life and for those living in towns and cities the stench of effluent is all too familiar. This is the aroma that greets them now as they move upwards along the gradually inclining passage; effluent runs in rivulets along the floor and the adventurers have no choice but to stride through it, careful not to slip. As they proceed, the nature of the insect infestation changes – there are now uncountable maggots on the floor and walls, nesting in the faeces, and many more flies fill the air. This is perhaps the most unpleasant place they have been in… so far at least. For some it proves too much as they are unable to contain the contents of their stomach and throw up their last meal, adding to the already overpowering acrid stench.9f8f9604113f48c0802243bedc001e59fbc02287_hq

From along the passageway the party hear faint voices and as Balock scouts ahead  the party is once more attacked. Another giant horsefly, this one bigger than the last, speeds along the corridor towards Balock, while Ingrid, Hemming, Miklos and Genevieve look down to see giant, stinking maggots attempting to latch onto their legs. Trying to stomp and slash at the foul beasts the party manage to kill all the maggots, but not before Ingrid, Genevieve and Hemming are all bitten by them (saving throws all around which only Hemming successfully makes!). The fly, badly wounded makes it’s escape…

15607427415_c07dfb0fb0_bMoving further along the party arrive at a huge cesspit, a massive cavern filled with raw sewage. Voices can still be heard along with the sounds of toilet going and waste splashing into the cesspit. The sounds and waste are both coming from a shaft that leads to a toilet above…

Crawling around the edge of the cesspit and careful not to fall in, the Black Dogs approach the shaft, but none have yet been brave enough to look up it… so this seems to be the secret way into the Burgerfriedensmiliz headquarters.


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