The event formerly known as ImpromptuCon18 took place yesterday in Fanboy3 Manchester, just some great gamers getting together to play some cracking RPG’s.

We had two tables between 10am and 5pm (ish), and by all accounts everyone had a great time.

  • AM: Traveller and DCC
  • PM: Tunnels and Trolls and DCC

Can’t wait for the next one!

Traveller was GM Tim’s first time running since the old days. The players said he was fantastic, hope to play this myself sometime.
Morning DCC level 0 funnel. Disappointingly 12 out of 18 peasants survived; they breezed past the first three rooms without a casualty due to some clever play and extreme luck. Didn’t take too long for the bodies to start piling up and the graveyard to fill up after that though.
The afternoon DCC crew in a thoughtful moment. There are lots of tables in DCC but they add so much too the game. Note the Beholder Satellite over the Tunnels and Trolls table.

5 thoughts on “BurritoCon

  1. Thanks for refereeing Neil. It was great to play the funnel and to see some level one action – we loved the tables – and (here’s the bonus) – Dan has gone and got himself a pdf of DCC – he bloody loved it!


    1. Cheers Andy, really enjoyed both games myself. I thought the level 0 was perhaps a better adventure, but both had some crazy situations and some creative solutions – it really was full on OSR style gameplay. Please to hear Dan enjoyed it so much, maybe he could run some DCC at a future BurritoCon!


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