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It’s hard to contain my excitement about UK Games Expo, my giddiness levels are nearly as high as in the lead up to Grogmeet. Even more so since my UKGE weekend has been extended to include a Dungeon Crawl Classics game in Loughborough (thanks to Bruce Cunnington) on the Thursday evening; as well as a cracking game session this means I can get to the NEC earlier than if I was travelling down from Liverpool.

There’s little that hasn’t already been said about UKGE that I can add to, other than one piece of advice. Last year I wasn’t too surprised to read post-con that the trade hall was rammed on the Saturday and people were struggling to get near the popular stands. This contrasted to my Friday morning stroll around the trade hall where I was able to browse the goods on offer with ease and talk to game authors and publishers. So my advice is, if your plans allow it, get to the trade hall early IMG_20180520_153921.jpgon the Friday – I plan to get there when it opens at 09.30.

In addition to the required UKGE lanyard I’ll be wearing one with my Old Scouser Roleplaying symbol on it; if you don’t already know me and you spot it say hello.

Besides picking up some bits in the trade hall I’ve got a few gaming sessions which I’m really looking forward to:

Friday 1 June

15.00-19.00 Symbaroum  with Matt Broome

20.00-00.00 Feng Shui 2 with CJ Romer

Saturday 2 June

10.00-14.00 HeroQuest with Ian Cooper

15.00-19.00 I’m GMing LotFP

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “UK Games Expo

  1. This’ll be my first Expo, should be fun. Meeting and playing aside, is it worth planning stuff to see/do beforehand? With so much you can do, there could be a danger of ending up doing nothing!


    1. It’ll be great! I reckon you need a bit of a plan – spend some time in the trade hall, and who you’d like to catch up with and making sure you can get to any games on time. It’s worth grabbing the floorplan and list of exhibitors and planning which ones you definitely want to see.

      I’m regretting not staying for the Saturday night as well as that seems to be the social time, maybe next year.


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